Symphonia Entertainment, LLC

Symphonia Entertainment, LLC is an artist development, music marketing, & event planning agency

in which offers music distribution, marketing, promotions, artist brand development, music copyright assistance, & event planning... (Live Concerts, Award Ceremonies, & Album Release Parties...)

In addition, we serve as an Independent Record Label seeking to sign and establish Independent, New & Upcoming music artists who are looking to take their music career to the next level!

Your support means the world to us


Symphonia Entertainment, LLC was founded by Multi-Award Winning Music Artist, Tori Tellem at the age of 24 after earning her MBA. 

She has always had a passion to help others reach and achieve their musical goals by providing a safe/trustworthy platform for artists to express their creativity.

Through Symphonia Entertainment, LLC, Tori, alongside her supportive team, has been able to assist artists all over the globe with artist brand development, effective marketing/promotions, live concert planning, and more!

what we offer:

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Artist Brand Development

If you are a new and upcoming artist, but are still unsure of what your artist name should be or what your unique fashion style/statement should be. We are here to help! With so many artists being already out there, it may seem difficult to find what makes you stand out. That is why our team of artist brand development professionals and personal stylists want to help YOU find your niche and a name that will STICK as well as remain for years and years to come.


Our team of marketing/promotion professionals will help find your target market to effectively get you in front of the right audience. Ultimately, helping you to reach more people with your music, growing your fanbase, and generating organic traffic to your content.

Music Distribution

Looking to get your music on all digital music streaming platforms such as, Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, etc.? Well, let us help you! We offer music distribution because we understand how challenging these processes can be. So, we do all of the hard work for you so that you can focus on your craft and continue making music!

Just provide your artist name, the song(s) that you are wanting to distribute and we will take it from there!

Event Planning

We offer assistance with planning your next LIVE concert, Release Party, and even Award Ceremonies! Event Planning can be stressful when you are doing it alone... That's why our team of professional event planners and caterers are here to help make your next event or ceremony a huge success!

Symphonia Entertainment, llc faq:

1.) What Does "Symphonia" Mean?

"Symphonia", which means to "sound together", "voice", "sound", or "musical unison"... 

It is the Greek spelling of the English/American word "Symphony". 

2.) Do you help with collecting my artist royalties through distribution?

Why yes, yes we do... Through our distribution services we partner with the big dawgs to ensure that you earn royalties from your digital music streams and even your YouTube videos if applicable...

3.)I had an artist name that I really liked, but it's already taken... Should I still use it?

Hmmm... You better contact us quickly! We will help you find a unique name to ensure that YOU pull up when fans search for your musical art!

4.)I have a ton of songs that I want to release, but they aren't copyrighted yet... Can you guys help with that?

In fact, we can, my friend! We have a team of Lawyers and Paralegals that are ready to assist you in copyrighting your music and lyrics!

5.) You offer a lot of services! Is it expensive to work with your company?

Of couurrsseee... NOT! We make our services super affordable because we know how hard you work for your shiny pretty pennies and don't want to take advantage of you like most companies... 0_0... CONTACT US below, so we can effectively help you with your specific needs and discuss further based on what you are looking for.

contact us today for your specific artist needs!




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