Writing Services Offered


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  • Business Proposals: $99 (i.e. Brand deals, Sponsorships, Collaborations, etc.)

  • Gig & Business Email Initial Reply & 2nd Reply for YOUR Potential business partnerships: $55 (We will draft a brief email for you to send to potential gigs with a 2nd response if they reply to 1st one)
  • Podcast & Radio Show Program Outline- $65 (per page)
  • 2 page- Biographies: $135

  • Resume: $150

  • ONE Page Blog or Article: $65 

  • Devotionals For Websites, Apps, or Socials: $45 (per 2 devotionals)

  • Social Media Quotes: $5 (per quote)

  • Email Campaign Writing: $375 (1 letter per wk for 4 wks)


  • Book Writing Services Offered

    Hourly Rate:
    $150 per hour

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