Collaboration (Features & Pricing)

Get Tori Tellem On Your Next Track:
  • 2 Verses w/ Hook (Written by Tori Tellem)- $750 plus split royalties
  • 1 Verse & Hook or Chorus- $500 plus split royalties
  • 1 Verse w/ Adlib (Written by Tori Tellem) - $425 plus split royalties
  • Song Hook Only (Written by Tori Tellem)- $375 plus split royalties
  • Song Hook Only (If already written by other artist)- $275 plus split royalties
  • LIVE Performances- Starting at: $500 & up


.NOTE: Split royalties will be discussed upon Tori and her team's decision to collaborate on your project.



  • Email Us with the song, genre, and what the song is about (
  • Once Tori & her team agrees to collab, send payment via Cashapp, Square, or Paypal
  • Tori will record her portion of the song at her studio and email you her part for you to include, mix, and master.

Please contact us at for more details about performance inquiries.

All payments and transactions are final, non-negotiable, and non-refundable.